How do I choose the right lawyer for me?


If you need to seek legal assistance, it’s important to get the right lawyer for your situation. There are many lawyers to choose from and engaging the right one for your circumstances means taking the time to pick the solicitor that best meets your needs

Here are a few of the key things to consider when choosing a lawyer to represent you.

To find the right solicitor in whichever state you live, use the Find a Lawyer tool at the bottom of the homepage. In NSW, the Find a Lawyer tool features solicitors who are members of the Law Society of NSW. For a register of all licensed practitioners in the state of NSW, please visit the Solicitor Register on the Law Society of NSW website here

For users in Queensland, visit the Queensland Law Society here to find a directory of practising solicitors that can be tailored to your legal problem and location. 

For people in Victoria, the Law Institute of Victoria provides a Find a Lawyer referral service, which can be accessed here.


First off, figure out what type of lawyer you need as most lawyers will have an area of law they specialise in. For example, this could be probate, personal injury law, traffic or conveyancing. It’s best to consult a lawyer that works in the same field as your legal issue. 

That way, your lawyer will have in-depth knowledge of the relevant area and should be able to give you a high standard of advice, rather than using your case to as a way to break into the field. In your consult, it’s also worth double checking the lawyer’s experience by asking them about their professional background in handling your kind of legal matter. 


For that reason, before your consult, research lawyers on the internet and check reviews of their services. Also check out their social media feeds and website to make sure they look professional in their dealings, and that they work in the area you need assistance with.


Establishing a comfortable relationship will likely help you share relevant information, which is essential for a lawyer to give you the best advice. What’s more, given some legal disputes can take months, or even years, to resolve choosing a lawyer who you are at ease with makes sense as you may be in communication with them over a lengthy period.


Your lawyer will inform you in writing about the costs of the work and the expenses that you have to pay. Factors to consider here include whether you want to work with a lawyer that bills by the hour or via a flat-fee arrangement.

Some lawyers charge more than others and you will want to make sure to choose a lawyer that’s within your budget. For many routine legal issues like contracts, traffic matters and property it can make sense to compare costs to ensure you get the best value for money.